The article entitled ‘First Ascidiacea Editors Meeting‘ (see also link) went on-line in the ‘News’ section of the World Register of Marine Species and Lifewatch portal highlighting the workshop coordinated by Marc Rius at the Flanders Marine Institute in February



The post entitled ‘Marine urban sprawl creates corridors for invasives’ by Heather Cayton went on-line in Conservation Corridor webpage highlighting the paper Airoldi et al. in July

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The press release entitled ‘Genomics holds the key to understanding ecological and evolutionary processes’ went on-line in the News section of the Ocean and Earth Science webpage highlighting the paper Rius et al. in June

The article entitled ‘How DNA is helping us fight back against pest invasions‘ by Steve Bourne went on-line in the ‘Science + Technology’ section of The Conversation in May


The article entitled ‘Genetic mix could benefit colonising plants and animals‘ went on-line in the ‘News & Events’ of the University of Southampton webpage highlighting the paper Rius & Darling in April (see also,,

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The article entitled ‘Examining the link between climate change and species invasions‘ went on-line in the ‘News’ section of the Centre for Invasion Biology webpage highlighting the paper Rius et al. in October

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The article entitled ‘Ocean roll-call: Marine species count yields surprising results‘ appeared in the e-news section of BIOSCI (UC Davis) highlighting the paper Appeltans et al. in February link

The eNewsletter of the Invasive Species South Africa reviewed the book entitled ‘Alien & Invasive animals – a South African perspective‘ that includes a chapter by Rius & Griffiths in February link




The article entitled ‘More creatures under the sea‘ published in Nature highlighted the study Appeltans et al. in December pdf

The article entitled ‘Biodiversity: Not Just Lots of Fish in the Sea‘ published in Current Biology highlighted the paper Appeltans et al. in December link

The paper Appeltans et al. was highlighted in November on the webpage of:

Nature link
Discovery link
Materia link
redOrbit link
US News link
Live Science link
Science Daily link
The New Zealand Herald link
The Time of India link
Ocean Sentry link
Phys link
Irish Times link
Mail Online link
The Independent link 
Yahoo Canada link
Centre for Advanced Studies of Blanes link
World Register of Marine Species link
…and more in ‘Article level metrics’ link

The paper Rius & Shenkar was highlighted on the webpage of Centre for Advanced Studies of Blanes in October link



The book entitled ‘Alien & Invasive animals – a South African perspective‘ that includes a chapter by Rius & Griffiths was highlighted in the News section of the Centre for Invasion Biology webpage in November link 

The article entitled ‘Species named after Park man’ appeared in the Sherwood Park News highlighting the paper Rius & Teske in November link

The article entitled ‘Cryptic diversity alerts to the challenges in distinguishing between invasive and native populations’ went on-line in the ‘Highlighted Paper’ section of the Centre for Invasion Biology webpage in October link 

The article entitled ‘Molecular view reassesses species’ published in Frontiers in Ecology and Environment highlighted the study Teske, Riuset al. in September pdf

The article entitled ‘Sea squirt celebrity‘ appeared in the British Columbia Government webpage highlighting the paper Rius Teske in July pdf

Teske, Riuset al. was a featured paper and qualified as ‘Highly accessed’ on the webpage of BMC Evolutionary Biology in July link

Rius Teske was one of the 10 most-accessed papers on the webpage of Zootaxa in February linkThe article entitled ‘Ecosystem engineers in the sea: Revealing mechanisms of colonization’ went on-line in the News section of the Centre for Invasion Biology webpage highlighting the paper Rius et al. in February link 



Reporting the invasion of northern New Zealand by a member of the Pyura stolonifera species complex link

The Ascidiacea World Database went on-line as part of the World Register of Marine Species initiative in October




The article entitled Invasion of alien marine species in South African waters was published in the newspaper Cape Times in May


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